Villa Pliniana

Lake Como

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Villa Pliniana in Lake Como proudly carries the name of its neighbouring spring that reveals itself in a 70-meter dropping waterfall next to it and has a view that exceeds any valid choice of words. Dating back to the 16th century Its unparalleled beauty should provide a perfect setting for your day of eternal love.

This luxury villa and suites can accommodate up to 36 people and has 18 acres of lush gardens and forest. Its incredible history includes features such as the piano used by the composer Gioachino Rossini and the original billiard played by Napoleon Bonaparte. The four suites are located in the main building with two additional villas spread in the surrounding acres.

You can reach the Villa by private boat or using the villas helipad which can be accessed from Milan and other major airports.

Villa Pliniana sleeps 19 and has 4 suites all with living rooms, kitchens and dining areas.
2 bedroom suite Casa Belgiojoso  / 1 bedroom suite Casa Wagram / 3 bedroom suite Casa Anguissola split over two levels levels / 4 bedroom suite Casa Visconti split over two levels

The two separate villas are Casa Shelley which has 3 bedrooms and Casa dei Plini which has 4 bedrooms.


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