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Congratulations to Tirzah & Moysh. Muzeltov!

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

The wedding of Tirzah and Moysh was a celebration like no other. With over 100 guests from all over the globe joining together to celebrate their marriage at the luxurious Samujana Villas in Koh Samui, Thailand.

The relationships we built with both Tirzah and Moysh and their family members while planning the wedding was truly special and friendships we will cherish forever. It all started with the first consultation when we soon realized that Tirzah had a simple brief. She wanted a rustic style colour theme with burnt oranges and greens, a large space for dancing, lots of dancing! Personalised kippahs' and a fully kosher menu.

Tirzah's dad Papa Rabbi as we called him was forever smiling and saying thank you. He soon realised he was in good hands and was very happy to receive the large blow torch he requested which he used to kosher all the kitchens. We covered every detail, from kosher palm plates, separate villas for the Tisch and Bedeken and a beautiful room ready for the cheder yichud.

Tirzah always knew she wanted to marry Moysh and had even bought her gorgeous lace wedding dress while shopping with her dad in New York before he had proposed. She was so sure they would spend forever with the love of her life she didn't think twice about buying it and not long after he asked for her hand in marriage! Another detail we thought was unique and special was that Tirzah also decided to use a piece of material from her dress to make Moysh's bow tie

It was a day full of love, laughter, traditions and tons of happy tears, a day that will never be forgotten.

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Love from,

Jacqui and her team x

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